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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 24, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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saturday in an effort to get shoppers into shopping. i'm terry mcsweeney. let's take a look at the forecast and it is something special. >> lisa: here is the view from mount tam. it's nice and clear and it feels like 33 degrees this morning in santa rosa. 30s are common from napa to novato to the delta where we have fog. elsewhere, a little warmer with low 50s in san francisco. should be in the mid-60s to upper 60s today. 68 in half moon bay as well as san francisco. we'll see low 70s in the south bay and looks like 72 for our east bay. tonight we'll see more low clouds and fog. it will be a player in the forecast tomorrow offering a cooler end to the weekend and bigger changes ahead. >> terry: new this morning, the man got stuck down a storm drain
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has been rescued in the east bay. they were able to free the 27-year-old man from the storm drain in pinole. someone heard his cries for help about 9:00. he was in there a good three hours at least. he suffered only minor abrasions to his shoulder and being weejd inside the pipe. authorities are investigating how he got stuck in a the pipe in the first place. developing news where police have arrested 40 people at a house party. it started last night when 911 calls came in. when officers showed up. they were hit by bottles. 60 officers wound up arresting 33 adults and nine juveniles. one day after black friday, here comes small business saturday where retailers hope to
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draw big crowds. many places is in berkeley and where our reporter is there with the story. >> reporter: good morning. it is a beautiful morning here. shops will open in about two hours for small business saturday. shop owners hope that customers will come up and avoid the chaos of big retailers an mingle with their neighborhoods have neighbors and spend their money in their own communities. shop owners are promoting the fact that they are local and they have that familiarity and customer service to boot. shop owners hope they can bring in consumers. >> i think people, we have
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prices at $5,000 and at macy's they were $14,000. and it can have far reaching effects. project survivor helped launch his business in albany. he commissioned rugs specially made from his home. it takes 45 days and three villagers to weave a rug. 67 of 9 people who are familiar with the effort say they will support small businesses again this year. we're learning more about a deadly crash that killed two people near palo alto yesterday. it happened on highway 101 as the family was heading home after early morning black friday
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shopping. >> they wanted to go shopping for black friday. >> bob is a friend of the family who was in the horrific accident early friday morning. he says the father, mother and four daughters were coming back from a shopping trip at about 6:45 a.m. they say a lexus rear-ended a car. the suv flipped over scattering gifts all over the roadway. >> while the suv was overturning two parties were ejected. one party died at the scene. >> one of the four daughters died at the scene. an uncle told us she had been shopping for her wedding in india next month. the other daughter also died. >> because they were in india for the marriage of the first one. she passed away.
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the second one passed away. >> it's very shocking to me. >> four family members were wearing set site belts. two daughters that died did not. sky7hd was over the massive traffic jam. they say a seven minute trip to work took about 40 minutes. >> getting to my location to get where i do business, traffic was a nightmare. >> family is living a nightmare. the mother is here at stanford in very serious condition. father and two other daughters at valley medical center and we don't know what their condition is at this point. chp officer was not seriously injured and this accident is under investigation. >> terry: this morning at family in the south bay will bury their youngest son. he became the 42nd homicide. he was innocent victim of a
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violent crime spree. he was shot and killed eight days ago outside a 7-eleven store during an attempted carjacking. developing news out of puerto rico, sad news to report, hector ka much on oh has died. he was shot in in his hometown and he was declared brain dead but remained on life support until this morning. camacho was just 50 years of age. >> larry hagman was died. he was the oil baron on the hit show dallas. only cast member to appear in all the episodes from 1978 to 1991. earlier this year, he vis advised his role on cable. a family statement says go hagman was surrounded by friends
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and family before passing peacefully. linda gray was among those with him when he died. she tweets, so sad to lose such a wonderful dear, bigger than life friends. he was one of a kind and will be with us forever. coming up, palestinian leaders are planning to ex assume the remains of yasser arafat in a couple of days. >> hope for the holidays for san jose businesses even as
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>> terry: new this morning, the remains of yasser arafat will be exhumed on tuesday in an investigation into his death. they suspect he was poisoned by israel. earlier this year, traces of a lethal radioactive substance was detected on his clothing. they will make an independent review. also new this morning, there
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outrage in pakistan after a roadside bomb went off. blast injured 30 people who were attending a procession in northwest pakistan. they have suspended mobile phone service to prevent such bombings. an explosion in springfield, massachusetts was caught on camera. there is the blast that leveled a bar and damaged 12 buildings. it was fueled by a gas leak. no one died but 18 suffered injuries and half of them were firefighters. >> new this morning, below water levels are about to get lower. they have reduced the flow of the missouri river reservoir in response to the drought. it could potentially bring barge traffic to a halt within weeks. barges carry 20% of the nation's
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coal. signs of the christmas holiday season are popping up around the bay area. several lighting ceremonies held yesterday and in many places, holidays will light up sales. here are the details from san jose. >> three, two, one. >> with the flip of a switch the holidays begin in san jose. a longstanding tradition of christmas in the park. >> it's beautiful. it's great. we're coming out here and bringing my granddaughter and it's wonderful today. >> complete with an ice skating rink comes just in time. the nhl lockout means no hockey at the shark tanks. >> the downtown needs to be able to bring people in. >> san jose city councilmen man says the loss has hurt local
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bars and restaurants big time. he misses all those hungry shark fans and hopes the festival will be a gift. >> without this it would be really sad holiday. >> i've been a long time sharks fan. >> bob helped open it after the weeks after the walkout begin. olympic skating scar believes that holiday spirit is needed. >> and now it's amazing for families to enjoy the holidays and enjoy activities together. hopefully it will help the economy here in downtown. >> on friday we learned the nhl cancelled all hockey games through mid-december. many are optimistic the sharks will take to the ice before the end of the year.
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>> terry: 25,000 people, twice as many as last year crowded into san francisco's union square for the annual tree lighting ceremony. it was a 23rd straight year for the macy's sponsored tree lighting. how many lights? 33,000. how many ornaments 1100. it's 38 feet and it is spectacular and twice as many people as last year. it sounds good. >> lisa: yeah, for the shopping and weather will cooperate or if you are going to shop or temperatures in the 70s at beach. >> shop in shorts. >> lisa: you can do that. we are looking at haze from the sutro camera. still cold up in santa rosa in the 30s. fog up by the delta. mild in the city. we've got it all including rain
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heading your next. >> terry:, college hoops season, >> terry:, college hoops season, only onelet's play:
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looking at hp pavilion in san jose where the sharks should be playing these days. as we heard, games cancelled through the middle of december for the next three weeks at least. no nhl games. there is meeting and they are hope, there is an arena and lot of sharks fans to happen again. >> if you are looking to lend a hand in holiday season we invited you to be part of share your holiday food drive. they'll be taking in donations and location nearest you, go to our website at and annual bay area toy program is gearing up for christmas. barrels are appearing in front of businesses. the barrels are out for the san francisco firefighters toy program. firefighters need toys and donations to make sure that no
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child is without a toy this christmas. just one of many toy collections in the bay area. there are toys for tots to name many others. go to where we have a list of places accepting toys. speaking of toys and christmas and shopping, today is good day to do anything you feel like doing. >> lisa: we have continuation of our dry weather person. still 70s and cool it off as soon as tomorrow that will lead to more changes. down here, this is santa cruz where we can expect a high of 73. further south and inland, temperatures in the upper 70s and gilroy to near 80 degrees. that is a little bit uncommon for this last week of november. taking it back home, nice and clear from vollmer peak, looking back at the city where we have mild temperatures in the 50s. we are looking at windchill factor up at santa rosa at 33
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degrees. the fog has been sliding in toward the delta. in the sacramento valley, very dense fog. live doppler 7-hd shows how clear the coast is. low clouds are lurking offshore and they will be a player into our forecast tonight and into tomorrow. it's 46 in san jose. good morning, livermore. 43 and 50 in antioch as well as half moon bay. we had some cool upper 30s last hour. jumping into the mid 40s with 50 in monterey. sun any and mild again today with temperatures above normal. gradual cooling underway tomorrow. winds are out of north and light. so we'll see the sea breeze kick in tomorrow and that will cool us off for the latter half of the weekend. monday, partly cloudy and clouds thicken on tuesday. rain and wind by tuesday into
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late wednesday and staying with us. satellite composite shows the entire state nice and clear with the sunshine and above normal temperatures expected today. taking a look at percent of normal, 88% of normal so and oakland not too bad. san francisco, two inches of rain with 117% of normal trailing behind san jose. looking pretty good elsewhere, we've had those warm storms. we need some cold systems to add to our snow pack. we are looking at the first one to be rather warm one, as well. high pressure holds on off the coast and to our east. it's going weaken tomorrow but going to keep the storm track to the north. it will stay with us the next several days. then by tuesday night, rain is just offshore. the system will be to the north of us but moisture from the south will allow the first step
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system, but it's too soon to tell how much rain. we'll keep you posted and things will change in the days ahead but we are looking at that rainy weather to continue through the end of the workweek. today 72 in oakland as well as fremont. 71 in livermore. 73 in santa cruz and temperatures near 80 in hollister. seven-day forecast, warmest day out of the next seven, fog in the morning in the morning and that will cool us off by the afternoon and looking cooler monday. clouds thicken on tuesday. here comes the rain. 33rd san rafael winter wonderland. >> it's not going to feel like christmas but it's almost here. >> stanford plays ucla.
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>> jim harbaugh says the quarterback choice tomorrow is still a mystery. first question on the press conference, who will start at quarterback on sunday. his answer, we feel there is no advantage for us to release that information for our organization or for our team. the problem is they wouldn't let the cat out of being a on the patrick show saying colin kaepernick will be starting. they play the saints tomorrow, alex smith is still not cleared. sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. >> this is not an advantage to talk about. you can have your opinions on it. it's unorthodox.
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so be it. you can call me names if you want, make sport of me, but that is the way we're going to go about it. >> we'll call them indecisive. nothing indecisive about the warriors play of late, facing a denver team. check out this. david lee driving, mcgee is blocking. corey the other way -- no, and reid is right behind and denver is up by 6. they outscored them in the second quarter. clay thompson all of his 16 points in the first half. warriors up 6 at the break. nuggets piling on andre iguodala he had a game high and he can
8:25 am
dunk big. jeff curry a non-factor and in foul trouble. warriors in minnesota tonight. >> semifinals in anaheim, against pacific. the tigers upset xavier in the opener. driving and scoring two of his 18. tigers are too much. they shoot 53% from the field. he had 18 and gales first off the year, 76-66. >> stanford, winners. as for the football team the formula is simple, beat ucla at rose bowl in pac-12 champs. bruins coming off a huge win. they cinched eight week saturday.
8:26 am
the irony should stanford beat ucla the two teams would play again in the pac-12 championship game this friday. >> that is down the road. this is one week of practice in one game. after that, great. we'll be prepared for that. >> i'm counting our teams maturity. all year long we've talked about last week's game doesn't help this weeks game. >> we finished the game on a high and how noi we come back. we start from ground zero. >> stanford and ucla a 3:30 kickoff. highlights and postgame reaction at 8:30. >> terry: coming up an east bay city's plan to lure police officers from other agencies. and also ups says the best way to keep thieves at bay. moving out after being ordered out. residents of a peninsula marina are
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alright let's break it down.
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mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. >>. >> terry: topping our news, police are sending a message to the community warning them of thieves work overtime this time of year looking for packages left at front doors. ups is chiming in, too, in how to protect your belongings. a report from the piedmont police station on the latest
8:30 am
crime trend. >> ups is expected to deliver more than 527 million packages over the holidays. fed ex is preparing for 280 million packages. partially because customers are doing more of their shopping online. >> i was not waiting for my package, but i appreciate ups ringing the doorbell because when they do i come right away. >> but not everyone can be home when their packages are due to arrive and thieves know it. take a look at this. fremont police are looking to identify a woman that stole a package in the middle of the day. the homeowner was able to capture on the home surveillance system. this is how it went down. when the ups driver delivered the package an alert was sent to the smart phone but minutes later there was a second alert. >> it basically showed someone picking up it up. >> they made it off with a bag
8:31 am
of groceries. it's a crime that police say is on the rise. >> it's not unusual for it to happen. >> so mike says thieves operated quickly following delivery trucks and making their move as soon as the driver clears the area. >> someone will grab it and jump back in the vehicle. >> most thieves are looking for electronics and high end gifts. ups offers these tips to help you. sign up for notice delivery. sign a delivery window and choose an alternate location for $3 you can sign up for signature required service. >> great idea. so now i don't have to be on my package delivery. >> the video i showed you earlier, i spoke with police, because the video was played on abc news and social media they are currently working on leads.
8:32 am
>> next big shopping day coming up, they are getting ready. fed ex predicts this will be the businessest day is going to be monday december 10th. they expect to deliver more than 19 million packages that day alone. that is 10% more than last year, double the volume it handles on an average day. >> new this morning, the antioch city council is about to consider beefing up the pension plan for police officers as a way of enticing officers to transfer from other agencies. contra costa times reports the council will consider tuesday offering a retirement formula of 3% at age 50. that allows public safety officers to retire at age 50 at 3% of their final year of pay multiplied by years of service. right now the formula is 3% but at age 55. >> california highway patrol is
8:33 am
also looking for new recruits. chp plans to take applications for next recruiting class in january but becoming an officer is not easy. screening process takes up to 18 months and leaves out of 97% of applicants. they must be between 20-35, no felony convictions. applicants must pass physical and psychological evaluations. >> some people who live in a small marina in redwood city are moving out while others are staying behind are fighting plans to convert the property into a condo complex. vic lee has the story. >> betty and her husband was leaving with all their belongings, this after living here for 12 years. >> it was wonderful. we enjoyed it. we had our little community.
8:34 am
>> most of the people living on boats in this marina has left. yellow caution tapes mark the berths. 36 of some 88 tenants are still here. they were all given eviction notices that they would have to move by mid-january. pete's widow wants to sell the property to a developer who is planning to build a 411 unit apartment and condo complex. family attorney says all the leases since 2002 were month to month, noting it was for sale. he says this was pete es ultimate vision for the harbor he built more than five decades ago. >> it will bring 2.4 million of property tax into the city, million of which will go to our schools. it will create 2,000 jobs. >> but a group is fighting the development. they have lived aboard their cruiser for 20 years. they don't know where they are going.
8:35 am
>> i'm on fixed income. i can't afford to put a first and last down on someplace. >> he doesn't have any hard feelings. she helped him when he had cancer and not to worry about the rental when he was sick. >> we were always friends. >> the fight is with the developers plans to privatize the outer harbor which they are leasing from the state. that harbor is open to the public. anyone can rent a berth there. but the new project will limit the berths to residents of the new complex. >> when the state gave the lease they said only for so long for a commercial harbor. >> the planning commission recently approved the project. tenants group filed an a appeal. >> the redwood city council will hear the appeal on january 28. by then it may be too late for the tenants because they have been told to move out by january 15th, two weeks before the hearing. >> terry: coming up, spawning a
8:36 am
rebirth of the salmon population. a record number of fish returning to rivers and streams. you might want to take a look around what will be a gorgeous day, sunshine on the way. we will be in the low 80s in
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♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> terry: in sonoma county, salmon are returning to rivers
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and streams in record numbers. as wayne freedman learned one of the best places to watch them is a winery. >> in the dry creek valley they come for the wine. they know all too well they stay for the fish. there are big ones in dry creek that runs through the property. >> right in there. get ready to lay their eggs. >> a chinook back from the sea and they were returning in record numbers. >> in excess of 5300 fish. >> you have counted that many fish? >> yes. >> that is greg horton part of the water agency which has spent considerable time to restore the salmon runs. they have counted the fish going upstream. >> just an indicator of how good conditions are, unless you know exactly what you are looking for
8:40 am
they are very difficult to see. once you spot them, put a camera on the end of a stick, put it in the water, you'll see it. this fish they say is days away from laying eggs on the sandy bottom and continuing the life cycle. >> i was surprised how big it was and i was surprised it wasn't silver. it's pretty amazing. >> it's one experience to order some ino and enjoy salmon as a meal. they are ordering the pino and watching. >> terry: i wanted to go up to wine country and let i am look at fish and they let him go. great day for drinking wine and/or counting fish. >> low 70s at our beaches. upper 60s and right now, chilly out in the north bay. flag is blowing but this is
8:41 am
north wind. we're looking at some east winds in our east bay valley. hazy and low 50s downtown. we'll talk about warmup and cooldown and rain arrival. >> terry: also ahead, michael finney tests those apps that claim to be able to track your smart phone. and bay area man becomes an and bay area man becomes an artist thanks to the [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem,
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welcome back. that is the kind of day we're going to have. a live picture from sutro cam looking out. you can see haze and sunshine is the thing to think about. it will be nice. upper 60s in san francisco. you can get 70s inland and if you head down towards gilroy, watsonville, down there, around 80 degrees. it will be a beautiful day. rain a few days away. if are out shopping and using smart sma are the phone, thieves are ready to snatch phones out of your hands and install and app to track your phone if it is stolen but does the app really work. michael finney decided to find out. >> police say a tracking app is
8:45 am
best chance of getting a phone back from a thief but how likely are you able to find the guy who walked off with it. >> you are walking with your iphone and on a bus you are also risking theft. >> most of our robberies that are occurring in the city involve some sort of a smart phone. >> there were more than 1,000 phone robberies in san francisco from january to august alone. it happened to this man on a muni train. >> he just reached down and grabbed the phone and took off like he was a track star. >> the applications that allow you track the device. >> police recommend and app lie like this one. find my iphone. can it find your phone? we tested it out. two interns took off with our iphone. intern lisa's job is to find it. she logs on to find my iphone. it i was on the our device
8:46 am
called nonies iphone. it pinpoints the location zooming in. there is the iphone on the corner of davis and jackson street. lisa drives to the spot and uses another iphone to track down our thief. >> they are at the edge of the park. >> it shows the phone inside the green area. she heads to the park but our thieves aren't there. so wait. if we are here. >> maybe she is reading the map wrong? she gets help from a friend. >> they are that side. >> this is jackson. >> now she thinks she has got them cornered. >> now they should be right -- >> she goes to the other end of the park, however, our thieves are not there either. >> they should object davis and jackson which is exactly where we are. i was thinking they would be standing right there. >> now she hits the button which
8:47 am
makes the alarm goes off on the stolen phone however she doesn't hear any alarm. finally we get a hint. they are inside a coffee shop. now she hits the alarm button again and this time -- >> hello. it is ringing. >> she finds our phone inside a coffee roaster but it required cheating. it's still a worthwhile app. realize the locator isn't all that precise. >> i was running around inside the park looking for them. and they were watching me across the street in the coffee shop. >> find my iphone is a free app, you do need to activate it. android, blackberry and microsoft have tracking apps. they help locate thieves and help you write data from a remote location where your identity won't be stolen along
8:48 am
with your phone. >> terry: lisa argen is here now. we have the sunshine and rain. we have just about anything you want. >> yes, today really mild out there. temperatures as much as ten degrees above average in san jose. oakland, about 8 degrees above normal and san francisco. here is a look at lake tahoe. very top there of the mountains you can see the snow but the past couple of systems, high elevation snow. temperatures are cold enough. it's been in the 20s this morning. closer to home, upper 40s, plenty of sunshine from vollmer peak. we're looking nice and sunny, hazy in spots and fog has begun to creep into the delta from the central valley. coldest temperatures have been well to the north. live doppler 7-hd we do have the low clouds and fog off the
8:49 am
coast. they will be player in the forecast tonight. temperatures range from 39 in santa rosa and feels like above freezing to 50 half moon bay. cool 43 in livermore and numbers have already responded to that early morning sunshine. we were down to 39 in gilroy. right now 44, it's 50 in monterey. up 4 degrees, as well. sunny and mild today. temperatures above normal and the gradual cooling trend gets underway tomorrow as our wind shifts to more of an onshore component. then we'll look at 60s hanging around but high pressure weakens and rain comes back on wednesday starting out with a warm system. then by end of the week hoping to get colder air in. high pressure so far in the upper elements of the atmosphere and at the surface keeping the storm track well to the north. all of california nice and dry.
8:50 am
we'll look at first storm system to bring in that subtropical moisture. eventually the storm track shifts to the south and in this is what looks like will get us well by the end of the week. a series of storm system well to the north and west of that. here is a look what we can expect in the short term by tuesday evening the rain is offshore but the wind is already starting. wednesday morning, look for some windy and rainy conditions as this system pushes through the bay area. here is wednesday night. thursday, back side of it. then more rain is headed our way. hopefully we'll get into the colder storms and looking at some pretty good rainfall by the end of next weekend. 55 in yosemite and 57 in tahoe. we got the ski jackets on, you have to get above 7,000 feet to enjoy it. 85 in palm springs. 71 by the delta. look for 70 in concord and 71 in san jose.
8:51 am
75 in watsonville and could see an 80 in hollister. cooler tomorrow morning. clouds thicken on tuesday and rain and wind arrive on wednesday morning. >> terry: san francisco artist is verge of major stardom. representatives will see his works next month at a special exhibit in miami. but we can see his paint at a popular club. here is don sanchez. >> images are startling. complex. his work is challenging. his creativity dynamic. >> i became so focused i can paint 18 hours in a row. >> he is showing his newest pieces that is almost 20 years old. its perfect fit that was in
8:52 am
advertising but found his passion in painting. >> every time i thought i would have to go back to work i sold another piece. >> it's metal images overlaid on paint. this the statue of liberty. >> every other day i begin to repaint over it because the mood kept changing. over a period of five years i probably did 200 versions of this piece all on top of each other. >> so he attacked with paint thinner and pressure wash earned a learned a lesson. >> as much as country changes, the foundation of the country remains the same time. >> then digital works created in linear fashion. >> fine art approach to something that looks digital but is done by hand requires a great deal of technique and focus. >> now john will short shoe in miami, biggest art show in the world.
8:53 am
>> more people will see my work in four or five days. >> it could lead to a one man show in new york and then he could be on the verge of something big. >> i want to be able to keep doing it. >> his exhibition at gallery is up through january. >> terry: coming up next, a major makeover. check it out. iconic disney
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>> terry: here are the winning numbers from last night's drawing. mega number was 27. nobody got them all. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $49 million. >> disney icons getting a new look. mini mousse is gammed up for the holidays. transported to the runway and it happens. she is not alone. other disney characters join her including, mickey and goofy and snow white. why would snow white would need one is matter of debate. disney is parent company of "abc 7 news." one last check of the forecast. >> lisa: downtown, sunshine and
8:57 am
temperatures warming quickly throughout the morning hours. enjoy it if you like it mild. 70s stick around for today and south bay and east bay but then tomorrow, we'll drop two to four degrees with morning fog. we'll see sunshine and clouds thicken on tuesday and rain and wind arrive on wednesday. we have everything. >> lisa: and then more wind and rain for next weekend. >> terry: serious storm coming in. >> lisa: we'll see. >> terry: thanks for joining us. "abc 7 news" continues at 4:00 p.m. today. you asked for it and exclusive alarm clock app available for android. download for free. app is still available if you have an iphone and use it and
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enjoy it. gorgeous shot out there and
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